Editorial support

Need to energize your communication strategy? Tell your stories better and to bigger audiences? Looking to figure out which stories to tell, how to develop them strategically and where to share them most effectively to make a difference in your organization? I can help: • Assess and help you articulate achievable communication goals. • Design step-by-step…Read more Editorial support

Collaboration services

Are you looking for ways to connect more closely with people inside and outside of your organization? Trying to address a community problem or raise awareness about an important issue? I can help:   • Lead community-building workshops where shared reflections lead to stronger teams and greater understanding. • Convene sessions to explore options for building on…Read more Collaboration services

Expert coaching

Are you an expert with important things to say to the general public but no clue how to reach audiences outside of your niche? A thought-leader in search of a platform from which to launch your latest theories, publications and analyses?

Writing solutions

Writing stories is a part of who I am. It always has been. And, after more than 30 years as a successful professional storyteller, I have stories of my own to tell. As 2017 begins, I am working on two book projects in which I hope to tell stories that make a lasting difference as well as choosing to work with clients who share my belief in the power of story.